Comfort cruise



This is the experience for groups who are splicing, or for those who want to add a little extra for a luxurious archipelago tour. The boat has a high standard with most imaginable equipment and safety on board. It has a maximum speed of 40 knots and a cruising speed of 30 knots. In the summer months, the boat has a capacity for 12 passengers, when the outdoor spaces in the boat can also be used. During the winter months, up to 8 passengers can sit inside the heated cabin.  

Price examples:

  • Boat to Gate – from Kristiansand to Kjevik airport NOK 2,900
  • Kristiansand / Kjevik - Grimstad NOK 13,200
  • Kristiansand / Kjevik - Lillesand NOK 9,600  
  • Kristiansand / Kjevik - Mandal NOK 11,520
  • Kristiansand / Kjevik - The underwater restaurant, Under NOK 16,800    
  • If you want the boat and captain to wait for you while you are enjoying your meal, the price is NOK 1500, - per hour.
  • Private guide on board NOK 750 per hour  
  • Sightseeing beyond the estimated travel time NOK 4,500 per hour.  

‍or call us for booking on mob. +47 40 40 25 07